The Truth About What Permanent Eyebrows Cost

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If you saw my recent article “3 Things I Get Asked Most About Permanent Brows”, you’ll know that one of the three questions was about why permanent eyebrows cost as much as they do and why there’s such a huge variation in price.

I received a few comments and questions about this and thought I could probably write an article about it on its own, so here it is!

The Price Range Is HUGE

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Semi-permanent brows from Nails & Brows for £995

If you’ve been considering permanent brows yourself, then you’ll no doubt have noticed that there is a huge variation in prices out there. The most expensive I’ve seen is from ‘Nails & Brows’ who, at the time of writing, are charging £995 for a procedure. Now bear in mind, that they do describe themselves as “London’s first, luxury concept nail and brow styling boutique”, so it’s hardly surprising that the likes of Meghan Markle are reported to have had their brows done there!

So assuming that you’re not shopping at that end of the market, what are your options? Well, as I’ve said – the price range is massive. At the other end of the scale, I’ve seen deals for as little as £79 on popular discount sites.

Of course, you don’t want to pay over the odds for your treatment, so how much should permanent brows cost and is price the only factor?

What’s The Average Cost?

So if we’ve got under £100 at one end of the scale and closer to £1000 at the other, somewhere in between you’ll find the truth, right?

So don’t quote me on this, it’s just based on my research and discussions with other people in the trade, but most people can expect their permanent brows to cost in the region of £295.

I’m not saying that if you pay far less for this you’ll get a poor result (my prices actually start at £250!) or that if you pay way more you’ll get amazing brows. It comes down to a lot more than just the price tag, but it’s a good indication of what an average price is.

Keep reading to find out more about what goes into this price and why it might be worth taking a closer look at any prices that seem too good to be true.

What’s Included?

One of the things that become apparent when looking at the cost of permanent brows is that not all packages are equal. If you’re going to a credible permanent makeup artist (and you always should!), then there are typically a few things that will happen as part of your journey to permanent brows. These are:

  • A consultation
  • A patch test
  • Your initial procedure
  • A follow-up (or top-up) appointment 4-8 weeks later

Some artists will charge you separately for all of these things, whereas others, might provide an all-inclusive price (or include some things in the price and not others).

This can obviously make it harder to compare prices between artists as you need to make sure that you’re comparing like-for-like. Since most permanent brow procedures require some form of a deposit, the last thing you want is to book a treatment only to find out there are some extra costs that you weren’t aware of.

What About The Costs You Don’t See?

I sometimes get asked why permanent brows cost so much more compared to other cosmetic treatments. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of them is that it’s not cheap to be in the permanent brows business (not if you’re doing things properly anyway!). Some costs are common to any business, such as marketing, advertising etc and some are specific to the trade.

A single use permanent brows needle
A single-use needle cartridge

A few of the overheads a reputable permanent makeup artist has will include things like the cost of their premises (so if you’re prepared to travel out of cities like London, where rents are higher, you might find better prices). The treatment room will also need the required council license – which again costs money, they’ll also need insurance, ongoing training courses in things like new brow techniques, infection control etc. There is also the cost of the pigments and needles used during a procedure – ALL artists should be using single-use needles when they work on your brows!

Then, you’re also paying for things that it’s harder to put a price on, like the individual artist’s ability and experience. An artist who has performed many treatments and spends their time working on celebrity brows is going to charge a lot of money for their time. In the same way that a great wedding photographer can do the same.


So as you can see, there’s a lot more to the question “What do permanent brows cost?” than you might first think. Hopefully, you know a bit more now about the range in prices, why it exists and how you can find the right price with the quality and attention to detail needed.

The main thing to do when considering any permanent cosmetics procedure is to do your homework and thoroughly check out the clinic/artist you have in mind. Take a look at examples of their work, see what’s included in their prices and check out any reviews they have from previous clients.

As always, I’m happy to help if you have any questions, so feel free to get in touch with me. Contact details are all over this website, so say hello!