The Brow Healing Process

Having your permanent brows procedure is just the first step; they're far from complete when you walk out the clinic.

The appearance of your brows will change over the coming weeks and it's not uncommon for clients to be concerned with what they see. It's important that you follow the aftercare guidelines that you'll be provided with, as these will ensure that your brows heal well and end up looking great.

Here I'll talk you through the brow healing process, so that you'll know what to expect and avoid any panics.

Kerry K permanent cosmetics

Day 1

Your brows are looking fresh and all is well.

Kerry K permanent cosmetics

Days 2 - 4

On day two, you might catch yourself feeling that your brows are way too dark and thick. They may even get darker during this period, but don't freak out, they will lighten again.

Kerry K permanent cosmetics

Days 5 - 7

OK, there's no easy way to make this sound pretty... During the next few days, your brows might start to be scabbing and flaking. It's really important that you resist the temptation to pick at them during this stage, or you may actually remove some of the pigment too - and we don't want that.

Kerry K permanent cosmetics

Days 8 -10

At this point, it might look like your brows have pretty much disappeared. Don't worry, that's not the case - they're still there. This is one of the reasons that you need to come back for your follow-up appointment.

Kerry K permanent cosmetics

Days 14 - 28

Your brows should be starting to make a comeback again now. You can expect there to be some patchy areas and places which look like there is pigment missing; this is just a part of the natural healing process and nothing to worry about. A lot of these patches will fill in as time goes on and any that don't can have pigment reapplied during your follow-up appointment.

Kerry K permanent cosmetics

Day 42

Wow! look at you, aren't you glad you followed all the aftercare info and came back for your follow-up appointment because your brows look amazing again.

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