Permanent Brows and Covid-19

Covid-19 and permanent brows

Now that permanent makeup artists are back in business, a lot of clients are getting in touch with questions about Covid-19 and how that impacts their plans for having their eyebrows microbladed or tattooed. They also want to know what measures I have in place and that they’re in safe hands. You Can’t Cut Corners With Hygiene The beauty industry … Read More

The Truth About What Permanent Eyebrows Cost

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If you saw my recent article “3 Things I Get Asked Most About Permanent Brows”, you’ll know that one of the three questions was about why permanent eyebrows cost as much as they do and why there’s such a huge variation in price. I received a few comments and questions about this and thought I could probably write an article … Read More

3 Things I Get Asked Most About Permanent Brows

Kerry K Permanent Brows

I speak with a lot of ladies about permanent brows and everyone naturally has a lot of questions. After all, having someone apply permanent makeup to your face is no small deal! Time and again though, the same 3 questions keep cropping up, so I’m putting them together in this article so that you can get the answers too. 1. … Read More

What Is Permanent Makeup

Kerry K Permanent Brows

Permanent makeup is also known as semi-permanent makeup or micropigmentation. Whilst there are similarities to traditional tattoos, they are not the same thing and are actually a form of cosmetic tattooing. A traditional tattoo goes much deeper into the skin and uses different pigments, which are not suitable for cosmetic tattooing. The technician will use a digital machine that implants … Read More