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"Hi, I'm Kerry and I'd love to help you achieve the perfect looking permanent brows that you've always wanted. Take a look around my website and get in touch today to book a no-obligation consultation at my Milton Keynes clinic."

Based in Milton Keynes, I offer permanent brows in various styles including:

  • Hairstroke
  • Combination
  • Powder
  • Ombre

Are permanent brows right for you?

Find out about the different types of permanent brows and more on my FAQ page.

Permanent Brow Prices



The hairstroke technique is used to mimic the natural look of tiny hairs which form the brow. This is ideal for people who may have experienced hair loss or over-plucked brows or don't want the look of an overly made up brow.




Combination brows offer the best of both powdered and hair-stroke effects. The two styles are combined together to achieve a beautifully natural yet defined brow.




The powder brow technique will leave you with an appearance similar to when you have used brow powder or a pencil to block in the colour of your brows. The pigment will be implanted using a technique that will allow you to enjoy a permanent and defined soft powdered look.

  • positive review  I went to see Kerry back in February about getting my eyebrows tattooed. Tattooing lasts longer than microblading and the results are so good! My sparse uneven natural brows now look full and hair strokes are so natural looking. Kerry is fully qualified now and I can't recommend her enough. Kerry takes the time to explain everything you need to know and what to expect. She's so professional and patient, and will make sure you're given all the information to car for your new brows at home. Normal tattoos are something we consider having sometime quite frivolously, but nothing is more serious to Kerry than creating you the perfect most accurate brows that truly enhance your facial features. I couldn't be happier with them! Thank you x

    Laura Wiles Avatar Laura Wiles

    positive review  Kerry is a friendly and professional person, She did make me feel very welcome and explained to me everything she was going to do. I will 100% recommended to anyone.

    Irene Migliore Avatar Irene Migliore
  • positive review  Kerry K did an amazing job of my brows. I had plucked and waxed them I’m them when it was fashionable to have big brows. I found thin eye brows looked ageing on me and longed for my brows back! Kerry made me feel at ease and spent a long time chatting to me about my brows, she made sure she matched the colour correctly and spent a long time drawing on the brows to make sure the shape was perfect. I am very happy with my brows and would highly recommend Kerry.

    Krissy McKay Avatar Krissy McKay

    positive review  Kerry is a lovely lady, very chatty and professional. Kerry made sure I knew what was happening at all time's and made sure I was ok and comfortable. The permanent brows (once faded) turned out much better than expected, very happy with the results ?

    Helen Morland Avatar Helen Morland
  • positive review  Had the best experience with Kerry. Absolutely love my new brows, loads of compliments on them too. Kerry took the time to listen to exactly what I wanted & then...she delivered!! Can’t recommend her enough

    Claire Davis Avatar Claire Davis

    positive review  Had my top up today with great results. Can’t wait to see them when they’ve healed. Thanks Kerry

    Anna Ahrenberg Avatar Anna Ahrenberg
  • positive review  Kerry thank you for my eyebrows, they look amazing and I'm getting a lot of compliments so pleased with them.. Appreciated all the advice before and after the treatment I cannot praise Kerry highly enough, and anyone new who is thinking of visiting Kerry will not regret it.

    Bennu Kybelksties Avatar Bennu Kybelksties

    positive review  Had my top up today with great results. Can’t wait to see them when they’ve healed. Thanks Kerry

    Anna Ahrenberg Avatar Anna Ahrenberg
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